The LAJATICA Bocelli 1831 cosmetic line represents an absolute novelty in the international scenario of the cosmetic sector.
The Bocelli winery, in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Pisa, undertakes a process of analysis on the marc produced by its winery, with the aim of identifying its qualitative and quantitative composition. The outcome of the analytical investigations is literally staggering. The content in antioxidant substances, represented by bioflavonoids and polyphenols, found in the marcs is such as to be able to consider the marc itself a real source of youth.
Starting from a raw material previously considered a waste product, it is possible to obtain an extremely precious result.
Relying on the experience of the Speziali Laurentiani laboratory, Bocelli1831 commissions the formulation study of a range of cosmetic products.
Thus, marrying innovation and tradition, from Tuscan excellence LAJATICA is born, the cosmetic line that, listening to nature, discovers beauty.
LAJATICA, consists of a series of treatments aimed at wellness and health that take advantage of the benefits and properties of specific substances contained in the marc.
From the pomace of the Bocelli family, located in Lajatico, in the province of Pisa, Speziali Laurentiani obtained, through a patented extraction method, a phyto-complex called LAJATICOMPLEX.
Lajaticomplex is the complex of all the active ingredients, primary and secondary, contained in the peel and seeds of the grapes.
Characterized by the content of marc extract and not for the use of wine, LAJATICA is not included in the category of so-called cosmetics vinotherapici; instead, highly functionalized Enocosmesi is defined.
Unlike classical vinotherapy, where the function of cosmetics is carried out by some single active ingredients isolated from wine or grapes, in Lajatica the whole complex of substances contained in the marc is used. It is the synergy of all the substances extracted that give Lajatica products an incomparable antioxidant power. All Lajatica products have a strongly antioxidant action, therefore antiaging, as oxidation is the cause of all the processes of tissue aging.
Lajatica is the first line of highly functionalized Enocosmesi, realized in the agricultural field in all its production phases, from the cultivation of the vines, to the harvest, to the transformation in a cosmetic laboratory to the obtainment of the packaged cosmetics.
Lajatica is a Km0 product, where the on-site production of cosmetics allows the marc to be supplied within a few hours from the harvest. The phase of rapid confiscation allows the marc to be processed before the development of alcoholic fermentation, avoiding the alteration of the active ingredients.
Every single pack of Lajatica products includes the joint work of highly specialized skills, all operating in the context of the Tuscan farm, where tradition and innovation represent the combination that generates excellence. Lajatica is a line made in Tuscany for the most prestigious international spas.
The new cosmetic line signed Bocelli 1831 was presented in world premiere on board the ship MSC Seaside, on the occasion of the long-awaited inaugural event that was held in Miami on December 21, 2017.